One Hundred Days
May 16th, 2024

A New Direction


I've elected to repurpose my Scribbles site as a devlog for learning (or relearning) a different development language over the course of 100 days. I got the idea listening to the latest episode (S27:E7) of the Code Newbie podcast.

The first language up is Python. With the rising popularity of ML/AI and the heavy use of Python in that domain, I figured this is the best language to get my head wrapped around first. I started dabbling in Python a few times, but always ended up losing interest in it. The goal is to make it to 100 days.

If all goes well, posts should be five or six times a week. Sometimes less depending on life getting in the way. In other words, posts may not be a concurrent 100 days, but will be a full 100 days before I move on to the next language.

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